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#thisgirl's Schedule

8/25/18 - New Holland Summerfest (Competitor)

9/15/18 - Tilley's Bikers, Blues & BBQ (Competitor) 

10/6/18 - Jim Beam BBQ Classic (Judge)

10/13/18 - Shenandoah BBQ Fest (Judge - Unconfirmed)

10/20/18 - Boo-B-Que (Competitor)

10/27/18 - 'The Jack' with Bone to Bark BBQ (Honorary Team Member)

11/8/18 - 11/11/18 - World Food Championships (Competitor)

The Results Are In

Smoke In The Grove

Chicken - 30TH

Ribs - 12TH

Pork - 6TH

Brisket - 14TH

Overall - 12TH

Cowboy Charcoal Fire & Ice HOT PASS Winner!

People's Choice - 2ND Place

Adventure Updates

And so it begins...I signed up for my first competition way ahead of my timeline!  I have 79 days to get my game in gear and my gear in gear before I debut at Smoke in the Grove in Spring Grove, PA.  This is also a cowboy charcoal Fire & Ice Women's Championship Hot Pass event!  Now I better get back to figuring out how BBQ magic happens! 

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After 7 years as a KCBS Judge/Master Judge I thought I'd get the view from 'the other side of the table' and prove that #thisgirlknowsmeat.